reindeer and snowman marshmallow chocolate pops {christmas treat}

hey guys!
so a few weeks ago i found a picture like the one above of some chocolate dipped marshmallow treats designed to be reindeer and snowmen - wow, i mean how neat is that?! 
i instantly started to try this out, since there's no recipe... i just got creative and i hope to give you some last minute christmas inspiration because these won't take long to make but will have a huge effect as a treat for the neighbors kids, the nieces and nephews, the cousins and whoever else deserves a little inexpensive christmas treat!

reindeer and snowman marshmallow chocolate pops  {christmas treat}

what you will need
  • melted white, milk and dark chocolate
  • marshmallows
  • long toothpicks or some other stick
  • smarties
  • little pretzels

1 - for the reindeer
put a marshmallow on a stick and dip in your melted brown (not too hot) chocolate. let dry in a glass (without touching anything!)
meanwhile dip some pretzels in milk (or if you prefer dark) chocolate and let dry hanging an a stick (i put it up between two glasses).
dip two smarties (for the eyes) in white chocolate and let dry, too.
now stick everything together with some chocolate and use a red smartie as a nose. 
paint some eyes with dark chocolate and let dry. TADAAA! that's it!

2 - for the snowman
put three marshmallows on a stick and dip in melted white chocolate. let dry.
then add some brown smarties for the eyes, an orange one for the nose and colored ones for the buttons. add some chocolate dots for the mouth. if you want, carefully add some thin pretzel sticks for arms (that's really difficult and messy so i just left the snowman without arms). TADAAA - a little snowman treat made in no time!

xoxo, Vanessa

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