candy cane sugar cookies

hey guys, happy 4th advent.
i already posted a few recipes today and this is the last one for today - i promise haha!

THE CANDY CANE SUGAR COOKIES (recipe serves about 3 batches)

i'm all christmas ready with these now. :)
and it's pretty simple to make these although they look pretty impressive!

all you need is  

just make the cookie batter following this simple recipe for my grandma's favorite sugar cookies.
then divide it in 3 parts (they can be equal or 1-1-2) and color one part (1) red with the red food coloring. mix in some cocoa in the second part (1). leave the third part (2) as it is and refridgerate for at least one hour.

take the three batters, a cutting board and some baking sheets (with parchment paper).
preheat you convection oven to 350°F (180°C).
now always take a piece of white batter and a piece of one of the colored batters, roll into 2 different balls with your hands and then roll into two snake-shaped thin and not too long stripes.
not twist both of them and shape into candy canes.

repeat until no batter is left, alternating cocoa-white-batter-canes and red-white-batter canes. 
you can be creative, too, and make some cocoa-red-batter-canes, or whatever comes to your mind! use blue, green, pink, whatever if you don't like red - be creative and get inspired! :)

bake for about 10 minutes (if you like them crunchy and not too chewy bake for about 12 min) and let cool.


xoxo, Vanessa

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